Here are the official chat rules.

Don't curseEdit

You can only say the words "Crap", "Stupid" "Shut Up" And "Damn", But if its "Fuck" or anything else like that, You'll be kick-banned.

Don't spamEdit

If you spam, You'll be banned, For example, Say this "BEEFBEEF BEEFBEEFBEEFBEEF", You'll be kick-banned.

Don't post off-site links!Edit

Links should only go to Wikia Wikis, ONLY! If you post any offsite like, For example, That is not allowed on here.

What an admin/mod says, GoesEdit

Listen to Admins/mods when they're in chat, If ya don't, I'll let 'em kick-ban you.

More rules to be addedEdit

-) -Travnt22

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